Instructions for reporting a message as spam

Follow the instructions below for your e-mail system, repeating until all the e-mail that you believe to be spam has been sent to If you are diligent and send every spam message for about two weeks, you should see a dramatic reduction in the amount of spam that will leak through the filter.

Outlook PC

1. Right click on the spam email in the inbox column.
2. Click on options.
3. In the body of "internet headers" click and drag to highlight all the text.
4. Right click and click on copy.
5. Click on "Close" to close the message options window.
6. Click the forward button.
7. Above where it says "original message" paste the copied content by right clicking and clicking on "paste".
8. Address this message to
9. Click send.

You can use the Mailfoundry Toolbar for Outlook. Download it Here.

Installing MailFoundry toolbar

Steps on how to install the MailFoundry toolbar for Outlook.
1. Download the MailFoundry Toolbar.
2. When the download is finished double click on the icon.
3. In this new folder that opens there should be 3 files. One of which will say setup.exe.
4. Double click on setup.exe and it will bring you into a different screen.
5. In the new screen click OK.
6. Click the button with the computer on it.
7. After the installation is done click OK.
8. Open your Outlook program.
9. Click on view along the top.
10. Click on toolbars.
11. Select MsgIQ.

You will now have a new toolbar along the top of your screen that shows up.

Outlook Express PC

1. Open the spam message.
2. Click on File/Properties and then on Details.
3. Highlight the text and hit Control+C on your keyboard to copy it.
4. Click on OK.
5. Choose Forward from the menu bar at the top.
6. Address the forwarded message to
7. Click the cursor into the body of the message anywhere above "-----Original Message-------."
8. Hit Control+V on your keyboard to paste the text you copied into the message.
9. Click on Send and delete the original message.


Eudora 6.5 PC

1. Click on the message to select it.
2. Choose Messagein the menu bar.
3. Choose Redirect.
4. Address the redirected message to
5. Send the message and delete the original.


1. Click on the message to open it.
2. Click on View Header (listed in the left-side menu). This will open a separate window with the header information.
3. Copy the information listed in that window, being careful to get all of it.
4. Click back on the message and choose Forward from the left-side menu.
5. Address the forwarded message to and paste in the header information.
6. Send the message and delete the original.


1. Click on the message to select it.
2. Click on Message in the menu bar and select Redirect.
3. Address the redirect message to
4. Send the message and delete the original.


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